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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Where to get The Highlander

To do what we can for social distancing, we've consolidated our distribution to the following pick-up points. We're sorry if your newspaper...

Updated list of closures and cancellations

The Province said all non-essential businesses must close before midnight March 24. The Province of Ontario declared a state...

County mask-makers swinging into action

NEWS: The county's sewers, including Apirl Martin, are swinging into face-mask-making mode.

Collection depot set up for homemade face masks

NEWS: SIRCH, in collaboration with Haliburton Highlands Health Services, will be serving as a collection depot for homemade fabric face masks.

Students start learning at home

Students across the highlands have started learning from home with the province extending school...

Schmale assures businesses help is on the way

Sandy Lane Resort owner Rob Berthelot said his business is experiencing severe difficulties...

SIRCH cooking extra for COVID crisis

SIRCH Community Services is planning to produce 1,400 meals per month to help...

Pinestone workers hit hard by layoffs, delayed pay

Pinestone cook Heather Allan Reid said it has been stressful working at the...

Free ebook helps young children cope with COVID-19

LIFE: Local children's author Marie Gage, along with illustrator Audrey Ramsay, are providing a free ebook for parents to read to their children to help them cope with a COVID-19 world.

County’s COVID-19 assessment centre up and running

NEWS --- Today marked the first day of the County's new COVID-19 assessment centre.

Skiers escape COVID lockdown with outdoor fun

Cross-country skiers escaped to the Moosewood Nordic Ski Centre for one last day...

Haliburton County doctors ask cottagers to stay away

NEWS: Haliburton physicians have joined the warden and premier in asking cottagers to please stay away.

Social media bridging social distances

Haliburton County Public Library program and outreach co-ordinator Nancy Therrien is still hard...

Businesses adapting to COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses across the County are adapting, and facing difficult decisions, due to the...

Grocery stores, food banks securing facilities

Minden-area senior Shirley Newman said she wanted to beat crowds when she visited...

Point in Time offers coping tips for the long haul

LIFE --- Point in Time offers some tips for families in the midst of social distancing and self-isolating.

HHHS wants you to know what to do

NEWS: The latest directions from the Haliburton Highlands Health Services

County enters critical coronavirus phase

NEWS --- A local doctor and the County's warden say the County has entered a critical stage in the coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel agency bringing them home

Linda Coneybeare’s first job of the day March 17 was to try to...

How to stay grounded amid the COVID-19 chaos

Retired social worker Norris Turner remembers the peak of the polio epidemic in...

Highlands East declares state of emergency

Highlands East has declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic and...

Students stuck at home for COVID-19

Haliburton Highlands Secondary School teacher Mary Cannon is one of many parents expecting...

Algonquin Highlands, Minden Hills make changes to landfills

NEWS --- Algonquin Highlands and Minden Hills are placing some restrictions on landfills in light of COVID-19.

Municipalities shutting doors for pandemic

The County of Haliburton declared a state of local emergency March 18 due...

Shows aren’t going on in wake of COVID-19

NEWS: Some arts, entertainment and cultural activities stalled by Covid-19.

Businesses worry about economic impact of COVID-19

NEWS: Businesses express concerns about Covid-19.

Haliburton School of Art and Design suspends classes over coronavirus

NEWS: Haliburton School of Art and Design is looking to commence distance learning March 18.

AH shuts down community centres, programs and events

NEWS: AH is shutting down community centres, programs and events. The other municipalities have not yet taken such measures.

What you can do about COVID-19

The County of Haliburton issued a media release today advising people across the region...

Health unit reassures public on COVID-19

The health unit says there is no need to panic in the wake of...

Health agencies ready for Coronavirus

Local health agencies are continuing to prepare for any cases of the internationally-spreading...