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Download your own FREE copy of TheHighlander in PDF format. Anytime, anywhere!


Download your own free copy of
The Highlander in PDF format.
Anytime, anywhere!

Home in The Highlands With Colin + Justin

Your guide to cottage country.
Real estate, design, leisure in The Highlands with Colin + Justin.

TheHighlander Handbook

Your guide to the Haliburton Highlands, including business listings, events throughout the year, and more!

Out of town? Want to share copies of the paper with family? Weather have you stuck in the house, so you can’t pick one up? No worries. The Highlander is always free, in any format. Download a whole issue here as a .pdf. If you don’t see The Highlander you’re looking for, please contact us for archived issues.

All archived issues are dated by Year followed by Month and Day. The most recent issues will appear at the top of the list. To download, simply navigate to the desired issue, and click the YYYY-MM-DD link!


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