In partnership with the County of Haliburton, planners have released a second survey polling residents on options for a draft shoreline protection bylaw. 

The survey focuses on specific aspects of the previous draft that consultants J.L Richards and Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd. have identified as areas to clarify or improve in a new draft bylaw.

One element of the bylaw which has stirred debate is the previously proposed 30-metre setback. 

In the survey, JLR asks residents what elements of a property, including topography, existing site conditions and developments, should be considered when applying the bylaw. 

As well, the survey asks how people view a protection plan meshing with existing planning requirements such as the County’s official plan which states “the 30-meter shoreline preservation setback shall apply from the high watermark of a ‘body of water’ including lakes, rivers and streams.”


From Oct. 6-19, the eight-question survey can be accessed through the County of Haliburton’s website. 

Another survey, completed in August, focused on general feelings towards lake health and waterfront development. Among the 286 respondents, all indicated lake health was either extremely important, very important or somewhat important. 

The surveys are one part of a wider consultation strategy from JLR and HES. Ahead of presenting a draft bylaw to County Council at the end of October, the consultants met with stakeholders and received input from private residents through two virtual town hall meetings, also attended by County councillors.

You can complete the survey here.

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