The provincial government announced May 13 that its stay-at-home order, scheduled to expire May 20, would be extended until at least June 2.

All current COVID-19 public health protocols and regulations will remain in effect with the extension, including keeping most outdoor recreational facilities closed.

Premier Doug Ford said the extension is necessary measure and with vaccinations continuing, July and August could look better.

“While we are seeing positive trends as a result of the public health measures put in place, we cannot afford to let up yet,” Premier Doug Ford. “We must stay vigilant to ensure our ICU numbers stay down and our hospital capacity is protected”

The province also announced it would begin providing youth aged 12-17 with the Pfizer vaccine starting May 31. Vaccinations are scheduled to open up in the coming weeks, with adults of all ages able to receive a vaccine starting May 24.


The province said although COVID-19 cases are falling, ICU and hospital admissions remain high. But the government indicated it would consider reopening outdoor recreational amenities starting June 2.

“While the latest data shows that public health measures are having an impact, the situation in our hospitals remains precarious and variants continue to pose a significant risk,” Minister of Health Christine Elliott said.

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