Owner of Wild Edibles Haliburton Carolyn Langdon is teaching people about cannabis plants and how to grow them.

For the amateur botanist, cannabis plants are just another plant to grow in the garden and learn about.

“To gardeners, the marijuana plant is just another plant in the ground,” she said.

The eight-person group spent the afternoon of July 13 learning how to “cut” or “clone” the clippings of cannabis plants in order to grow more.

“It’s really a question of are you able to grow your own and get a better quality? The answer is yes,” she said.


That’s not all attendees learned. Discussions were also had around eating plants, weeds and roots from the natural environment and what plants are good for the human body.

John Dynes, one of the attendees, commented on how pharmaceuticals are a new addition to the health field and should not be used as frequently as they are.

“One thing people forget is the main medical establishment has only been around for 100 years or so,” he said. “But natural medicine has been around a lot longer than that.”

The group spoke about their experiences with main stream drugs and some of them started taking the course because of bad memories with pharmaceuticals.

Others took an interest as gardeners. The next Wild Edibles session is about cannabis harvesting and curing on September 7.

People who are interested can contact Langdon at windfallfoodforest@gmail.com.

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