The 2023-24 speakers’ series returns Sept. 13 with a presentation by Stephan Lukacic called ‘Better Living in 4,289 Easy Steps.’

Organizers of ‘Telling our Stories’ said it’s a look at the many paths toward sustainable living and self-reliance.

“Our guide will be a guy who’s in the process of figuring it all out. Topics include diet as medicine, developing sustainable habits via trial and error, and removing oneself from the toxic stew of the modern world one step at a time.”

The Oct. 11 speaker is Jowi Taylor and several guitarists playing the Yoyageur.

“The tale of Six String Nation – a story of a guitar called Voyageur made of 64 different pieces of material – wood, bone, metal, stone and others – each piece has a story to tell about Canada,” organizers said.

On Nov. 8, Wil Andrea will share her experiences working with victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “Learn how the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation supports survivors’ demands to rid the world of sexual violence as a weapon of war and has consequences for individual perpetrators and the states that support them,” organizers said.

Johnny Waite and Andrea Hagarty take the stage on Dec. 13 with their presentation ‘Sailing Back in Time… An Adventure on Remote Philippine Islands.’ “Their stories, photos, and videos of a trip on a traditional 74′ Paraw wooden sailboat may have you wanting to strike out on your own adventure,” organizers said.

Now in its eighth year, the monthly speaker series have featured a variety of topics – travel, adventure, entertainment, politics, art, social and environmental issues – presented by interesting, knowledgeable, engaging speakers. Many have been from our community including Carol Moffatt, Barry Devolin, Peter Bowers, Mary Anne Barkhouse, John and Thea Patterson and Mike Jaycock, to name a few. Speakers from away have included such notables such as Ted Barris, James Raffan, Kevin Callan, Kurt Browning, Grit Laskin and Robert Fisher.

Originally an initiative of Yours Outdoors, ‘Telling our Stories’ will now continue under the auspices of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative.

“We are very pleased to be able to present this speaker series,” said Jim Blake, president of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative. “It supports our work to contribute to the social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being of Haliburton Highlands and its citizens.”

The series happens on the second Wednesday of each month from 7-9 p.m. at the Haliburton Highlands Outdoor Association Fish Hatchery. Admission is $15/person payable at the door. A portion of the ticket sales goes to a charity or local non-profit organization.

The speaker series crew – Sean Pennylegion, Jack Brezina, Tammy Rea, Eric Lilius and Barrie Martin – is searching out more presentations for the winter and spring. If you would like to receive updates or have a story you would like to tell, email or call 705-457-7557.