Highlands bird enthusiasts were given a few pointers on how to attract different species to their gardens at a special event in Haliburton last week.

The Haliburton County Historical Society hosted a presentation from Haliburton County Master Gardener, Pauline Plooard, at the Haliburton Highlands Museum June 15 at 1:30 p.m.

Plooard dished out many useful tips and directions on how to make your properties more attractive to birds. Discussing different techniques, Plooard said keeping things simple, and natural, is the best way.

“Birds have evolved with our native plants, that’s what they’ve been raised on and it’s what they expect,” she said.

She gave many other pointers during the presentation, such as what to do with your bird feeders. She suggests having them placed by a window so you can get a nice view. She also recommended trying to place them near some shrubs.

Plooard also talked about the benefits of installing a bird bath, suggesting people should keep them  low to the ground and have shallow water in the bath so the birds can bathe properly.

More useful tips can be found on the app Merlin Bird, which Plooard said is a “great resource” for bird lovers seeking identification of species via sight or sound. The software can be downloaded via the app store on your smartphone.

The Master Gardeners provides consultations for residents looking for assistance with their gardens, Plooard noted. For more information, visit haliburtonmastergardener.ca.