Algonquin Highlands unveiled a new municipal website June 20, with communications coordinator, Chad Ingram, saying the updated virtual space “is fresh, modern and ultimately allows the township to better serve the community.”

Council supported the project last fall, with the township contracting GHD Digital to carry out the work. Ingram pegged the total cost at just over $21,000.

“This has been a long project, a huge project… but we’re finally there,” Ingram said at a recent council meeting.

A revamped home page includes a customizable news and notices section, which Ingram says will allow visitors to choose what information they see. There is space to promote upcoming events, while popular tourist attractions such as the Dorset Tower, a myriad of trail systems, and the Dorset and Stanhope heritage museums also featured.

There are clickable buttons for information on council, recreation, waste and recycling, planning, property taxes, and public works.

Ingram said the main search bar is “enhanced by Google”, meaning individual searches on the new site will run through the tech giant’s virtual library.

“In theory, it should be easier to find our stuff,” Ingram said.

The new website also offers electronic forms and e-commerce capabilities, so residents can do more of their business with the township online. The e-commerce function will not be available immediately, Ingram says, but residents can complete a form to sign up for e-billing.

Ingram said a key feature is that the new website will “display well” on tablets and smartphones, which was a major complaint of the old website.

He noted staff had been able to access the site during beta demonstrations in recent months and that most feedback had been positive.

While the new site won’t directly house the township’s Bang the Table forum, released in 2021 to engage with residents on key issues online, links will be provided when discussions are live.

Some of the features, such as colour scheme, will remain the same, but Ingram said he has the capability to edit the website at any time. He noted this would be a big help when promoting upcoming events and timely news.

“I love what I’m seeing. I like all the different ways you can get into the guts of the township, what we’re offering and [making it easier to find] whatever you need to find,” said deputy mayor Jennifer Dailloux.

The site went live at 9 a.m. June 20. To visit, go to