The County signed off on a single-tier waste management service delivery review at the meeting.

It means consultant, Cambium Inc., will look into whether there can be a countywide-managed landfill system, versus the current four townships running their own.

Council asked for a request for proposals about a year ago. It was sent out by staff this September and Cambium was the sole bidder. In a staff report Oct. 26, it was noted the evaluation committee comprised each member municipality and the County’s new procurement person.

Cambium Inc. is a consulting and engineering company with more than 10 years’ experience completing waste management plans for upper and lower-tier municipalities and has done extensive work locally.

The money is in the 2022 budget, with the County paying half and the four townships chipping in the rest.

Danielsen said, “what I do see is them laying out a path forward for us to sort out how we will manage consolidating waste management.” She said it is a “huge” undertaking and she is personally concerned because of different levels of service between townships and liability issues attached to landfills.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how we sort that out,” she said.

Danielsen added she had faith in Cambium “that they will give us good solid advice and we’ll see what comes back to us and what the new council’s reaction to that is.”