For many high school students, the past few years have been some of the most difficult of their academic careers. Haliburton Highlands Secondary School (HHSS) students were recognized for their hard work and classroom achievements at an Oct. 7 awards ceremony for the first time since before COVID-19 began.

“Having the highest mark in a course is a very commendable attribute. But with hard work, being respectful and helping others around you, you can be considered for many of these awards,” said awards committee chairperson Melissa Stephens.

Principal Chris Boulay told students to “be proud of the work you’ve accomplished and for those who did not receive, know that you too could be receiving awards next year for the hard work you put in this year.”

He finished with a look to the future.

“I challenge you to set your sights even higher. You can do this, I’m proud of you.”

Dozens of Highlanders and local businesses donated awards.

“To our many award donors… thank you for believing in our youth and contributing to this celebration” Boulay said.