Owen Flood helps high-performance athletes, such as the Haliburton County Huskies, stay in top condition.

Now, he’s expanding his functional fitness training to new locations and clientele.

He hosts group classes and boot camps for anyone seeking to get moving out of Spot 97 Fitness, which includes a gym space at the Halco Plaza and a soon-to-open branch on Bobcaygeon Road in Minden.

“We want to make it more inclusive to everyone,” Flood said.

The gym in Minden will be open for daily use, while the spot in Haliburton will be used for group classes.

His methodology is an extension of his A.P.E (Athletic Performance Excellence) Training business which focuses on athletic conditioning.

“I want everything still to be focused on functional fitness, whether you’re an athlete or not. [It’s about] moving weights in a way that translates to everyday life. When it comes to athletes, we bring in more sports-specific movements,” he said.

Training hockey players often means focusing on different parts of the athlete’s performance each month before they report to team training, for example.

Those attending Spot 97 classes and boot camps, many taught by local fitness instructor Emily Clarke, get more condensed general training.

“We do the same thing but we don’t break it down into strength for a month or powering for a month. We do everything all at one go. Each workout will have a piece for conditioning, and a piece for strength. They’re training for overall health” Flood said.

“If you’ve never worked out before, that’s no problem,” he added. Each movement, such as squats, can be changed in order to accommodate ability.

“We can make it easier and harder depending on what you’re looking for,” he said.

Flood said he and other gym owners in the County are well-positioned to offer the growing community new and engaging fitness options.

“Right now, there’s more interest evolving but it’s not quite there yet. In the next years, with people moving here and people seeing how living a healthy lifestyle is really important, [it will be there]” he said.