From sketching and knitting to floral crafting, seasoned creatives are teaching 16 arts workshops aimed at kids and adults this spring.

Organized by the Arts Council Haliburton Highlands (ACHH), the series will run from April 25 to May 28 at various locations.

“We were really pleased with the variety and diversity of the workshop proposals we received.” said Chris Lynd of the ACHH in a press release. “Choosing just sixteen was a challenge.”

The workshops don’t require prior experience. Kids workshops are free and workshops for adults cost $10.

They include sessions on knitting, creative writing, acting, upcycled fashion, crafting bracelets and more.

“I love showing people you can do very simple things with simple materials,” said Noelia Marziali, an artist who will be loading workshops on claymation for kids and floriography for adults.

She said she feels people are “hungry” for live, in-person creative events after so long apart or sharing virtually.

Marziali said she’s especially excited to share her love of claymation with kids.

“You can combine something very tactile, with something technology-based. I love the marriage of those two worlds,” she said.

“It’s pretty magical, it has the potential to really suck someone in. They can walk away in a little over an hour with a video that brings an inanimate object to life.”

Registration information and a full list of workshops can be found at: https://www.