The Arts Council Haliburton Highlands (ACHH) is searching for artists of all kinds to facilitate workshops this spring.

From drawing and painting to knitting or even theatre, program coordinator Lesley English said the invitation is to anyone, “If you’re passionate about your art, and you want to share your knowledge. We don’t want to discourage anybody from applying to become a workshop facilitator,” she said.

The arts council will offer up to 16 workshops in 2022, with four in-person workshops scheduled for this spring.

“We see this as a community project that brings people together to learn a new skill and enjoy the much-missed opportunity to be out with others,” said committee member Chris Lynd.

ACHH added that all existing COVID protocols will be adhered to during workshops.


English said the workshops might be a great way for artists to transition back into learning, and teaching, in-person after years of Zoom events.

Sharing knowledge face-to-face can be a powerful experience, she said.

“To use a metaphor, it’s a bit like the difference between listening to live music, and watching live music,” she said.

Artists will be compensated for facilitating workshops, which will be located across the County.

The initiative is funded by the Haliburton Rotary Club, the Kennisis Lake Art on the Dock project and ACHH.

Contact ACHH for more information:

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