Work is underway on the Nomi Resort Club, a 51-unit recreational community on Benoir Lake, near Elephant Lake.

Dysart et al mayor Andrea Roberts, deputy mayor Pat Kennedy and Coun. Tammy Donaldson attended a ground-breaking ceremony Jan. 27.

“I think this has been a long-time coming. It’s always been talked about,” said COO of Nomi Resort, Susan Elizabeth (Elise) Blouin, who’s directed multiple development projects with international firm Sieta and Pikes.

The project will be an addition to the existing Nomi resort. Buyers purchase a turn-key home near a stretch of private waterfront. Residences can be rented to Nomi guest members during seasons they are away.

The first 15 homes are expected to be completed this summer, along with a spa, gym, food emporium, Nespresso lounge and outdoor sports facilities.


Blouin said it’s a marker of Nomi’s dedication to crafting a destination, which might boost local tourism, too. “That transcends into Haliburton,” she said. “We spend a lot of time marketing Haliburton, we put so much effort into that.”

She said many buyers so far have been between 38 to 45-years-old, reflecting a younger generation eager to invest in rural tourism.

“They’re looking at this for their own sense of wellness,” Blouin said.

Construction on the private residences is expected to stretch into 2023, with plans for further buildings on the 850-acre property underway.

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