Fleming College’s Haliburton School of Art + Design (HSAD) is nestled in the woods, drawing students from across Canada and beyond for its integrated arts program, metalsmithing course and array of summer classes.

It’s difficult to learn, however, if you don’t have a place to live. That’s why Fleming is putting out a call for Haliburton households to open up to students.

“We’re in desperate need of accommodation options for students, especially within walking distance,” said Sandra Dupret, vice president of Fleming responsible for student experience.

The demand is heightened due to an influx of students starting in January.

Dupret said it can be a chance to earn extra income, or for those who live alone, a chance to have a friend around.


“Some really appreciate that companionship,” Dupret said. “We have found that people are very adaptable to what students’ needs are.”

This year, Dupret said a few students are finding it difficult to find places to live, especially within driving distance.

“Frankly that’s a challenge we’re seeing with the growth here. We can’t grow the enrolment in campus without having places for students to stay, so we’re really dependent at this point, on the support of the community,” Dupret said.

Until a planned residence building, to be located beside the college, HSAD will continue to build community partnerships.

“They’re a key player in helping this campus to thrive,” Dupret said.

West Guilford resident Pat Bain said she wishes she signed on to host students sooner. “All the students I’ve had have been wonderful people,” she said. “To have them in the house, that’s just a comfort to me, to know there’s someone else here.”

Bain has been invited to students’ weddings, even to a student’s family home in France. It’s a lot more than just extra income.

“I always tell them, as well as getting a place to stay, they’re getting a second mother,” she said.

For information on joining Fleming’s list of student apartment options, email och@flemingcollege.ca or call 705-749- 5530 ext. 112

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