The Haliburton Highlands Sports Hall of Fame Committee said the Minden Monarchs were the dominant men’s hockey team in Haliburton County in the 1950s.

They won the Central Ontario Intermediate “C” League Championship three years in a row, in 1956, 1957, and 1958.

The same seasons, they were Eastern Ontario Champions and Ontario Intermediate “C” Finalists.

“The village of Minden supported the Monarchs with unrivalled enthusiasm, and the Minden Community Centre was jammed with fans every Saturday night to cheer for their local heroes,” the committee said.

Leading the team to consecutive championships were: Doug Powell (playing coach), Mark Vasey and Garnet Lytle (managers), Bernie Trepanier (secretarytreasurer) and Willis Walker (trainer).


On Feb. 24, 1955, The Haliburton Echo reported that the Monarchs trounced the Lakeshore Saints, 13-2.

“A crowd of over 375 hockey fans paid their way into the arena to see Minden overwhelm the Toronto team,” the report said.

Goal scorers were: Gary, Glen and Hugh Vasey, Richardson, Farrell, Wheeler, Rogers, and Lougheed. Other players credited with the win were Watt and Struthers.

“A powerhouse of a team offensively and defensively,” the committee said.

“The Monarchs ruled the rink and teams from Cannington, Little Britain, Bobcaygeon, Coboconk, Haliburton and other Central Ontario hockey clubs knew they were the team to beat.”

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