Haliburton’s Jug City cashier Kris Leuzinger described working during the COVID-19 pandemic to be a “little nervewracking,” with customers still stopping by regularly.

But she said she was pleasantly surprised April 16 when she discovered a decorated rock left on the windowsill of the store. It was emblazoned with bright colours and the words “thank you” written in black marker.

“It just made me feel really good,” Leuzinger said. “I’ve been feeling pretty down with what’s going on. I don’t know where it came from or who left it but I want to say, thank you. Put a smile on my face.”

Community members are finding a variety of ways to show their appreciation for the frontline workers providing services during the pandemic.

School communities including J. Douglas Hodgson Elementary School have held up signs of support and posted them on social media. People have put up messages in their windows. Dysart et al put up a sign on one of its community events boards thanking all essential workers.


Another location getting positive messages is haliburtoncares.ca, which offers a submission form for people to upload messages for local healthcare staff. Haliburton Highlands Health Services vice president of community programs Stephanie MacLaren said they have received a lot of support on social media.

One message submitted to haliburtoncares. ca April 3 directed towards “all health care workers in Haliburton County” said: “You are not alone – we are here, cheering you on, holding you in prayer, waiting to shake your hand, give you a hug and thank you in person when it is safe again. Thank you.”

“We are deeply grateful for the support being shown to health care and frontline workers,” MacLaren said. “These messages represent the best of Haliburton County – we all know this is a tight-knight community, that rallies together to support people when they need a helping hand, and that is exactly what is happening during this challenging situation.

“It is heart-warming to see, and it gives us the extra boost we need to keep working hard, day and night, to keep everyone healthy and safe.”

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