The Lake Kashagawigamog Association (LKO) sent a message about how to best protect our waters through its first-ever Love Your Lake seminar at the Minden Hills Community Centre July 20.

More than 40 people attended the event, which featured exhibitors and speakers discussing topics related to lake health. The seminar promoted best-practices for protecting the environment.

Minden Hills councillor and LKO president Bob Carter said the organization wanted to better educate people about the subject.

“The reason that we’re all here is because of these lakes,” Carter said. “If we want to continue to have these lakes as something we can enjoy into the future, everybody has to play their part.”

Seminar speakers addressed topics such as invasive species and naturalized shorelines. EcoEthic owner Rob Davis and home inspector Mike Rahme talked about how to best manage your septic system.


“The misunderstandings we come across in regards to tank, tank placement and what the important aspects of it are vast,” Rahme said in during his presentation. “If it’s a case you know how to maintain it properly, then the likelihood of problems start to decrease significantly.”

Botanigal owner Rebecca Krawczyk showcased an array of plants to help with naturalizing a shoreline. She complimented the presentations on their depth.

“They dug into their topics and they actually investigated,” Krawczyk said. “It was an event with some great, diverse thoughts.”

Attendee Larry Grigg also praised the seminar and said he would like to see it continue. But he added there is a need to attract a wider audience.

“Most of the folks here are the converted. We just got to get some of the other folks in,” Grigg said.

Carter said he felt good about the attendance considering it was a first-time event. But he also said he would like to see it grow.

“We at the LKO, any new thing that we start we like to commit to it for a few years,” Carter said. “We’ll probably do this for the next couple of years and hopefully we can continue to grow and make it a successful event.

“Let’s get everybody to love their lake.”

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