Podcast: What Are We Doing?!

A weekly dive into the County’s top challenges ahead of the fall elections.

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Listen: What are we doing? About transportation

Getting around in The Highlands can be a hurdle. If you don't own a vehicle you're at the mercy of friends, or unregulated taxi...

Listen: What are we doing? About shorelines

Some people love it, some people hate it - but one thing remains true. We all want to see our lakes stay healthy. Our...

OPINION: What are we doing about housing?

“Crippling, dire, critical, grossly unaffordable” – all terms used by people asked to describe Haliburton County’s housing situation in a single word or phrase.  It’s...

Listen: What are we doing? about Health Care

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6cEbr2PdJtefu2UbdAeZxE?si=tFuTJC7IRXaV5q3RkiErHA An aging population and the COVID-19 migration has our health system under stress. And while this is predominantly a provincial issue, our Municipality can...

Listen:What are we doing? About poverty

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2WMJHHI7eKyUoOa87ahCeH?si=8UyGIF3FROa1P3de8uV2nA Behind the million dollar lake homes hides a shameful secret. Haliburton County and Manitoulin Island have been competing for the title of "poorest county...

Listen: What Are We Doing? about amalgamation

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0L6OtS3nw5ZFzRF5uNBwgt?si=n5ET4SFBTBGKjQvUrNOQOQ Our two-tier municipal structure is under fire! Amalgamation has been a hot word floating around for quite some time in the county, and...

Listen: What are we doing? About introductions

Listen to The Highlander's new podcast, What are we doing?!, below. Each week our editorial team and local producer Justin van Lieshout will dive...

Listen: What are we doing? About Housing

With inflation on the rise and supply running low it’s become difficult to find a place to live in Haliburton County. For some people, that means looking at purchasing homes out of the county in order to make ends meet. So what are we doing about housing?

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