Listen:What are we doing? About poverty


Behind the million dollar lake homes hides a shameful secret. Haliburton County and Manitoulin Island have been competing for the title of “poorest county in the province of Ontario” for years. Maybe it’s time we change that? So What Are We Doing about Poverty?

Join us this week as we look into how the county became a silent home for the provinces’ most under-served, and hear from experts who’ve known how to address this issue long before the pandemic created an even larger rift between wealthy cottagers and minimum-wage locals.

You’ll hear from Jaime Schmale, Gena Robertson, Tina Jackson, and Fey Martin, alongside the research and hard work conducted by Mike Baker.

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Created by Justin van Lieshout in partnership with The Highlander, featuring Mike Baker, Lisa Gervais, and Sam Gillett. Music by Mackenzie

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