Listen: What Are We Doing? about amalgamation

What Are We Doing? A podcast created by Justin VanLieshout in partnership with The Highlander

Our two-tier municipal structure is under fire! Amalgamation has been a hot word floating around for quite some time in the county, and this isn’t the first time. The last time our townships decided to amalgamate was in the 80’s, when we reduced from 10 (ish) lower tier governments to four.

So What Are We Doing about Amalgamation?

Join us as we delve into the Highlander’s in depth research conducted by Lisa Gervais. You’ll hear from Jack Brezina – who reported on our last amalgamation for the Minden times, and Zach Spicer, an expert in all things municipal.

We’ll walk through the difference between full blown Amalgamation and the ongoing Service Delivery Review and lay out the pros and cons to becoming a single-tier government.

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