U11 LL Cottage Country Building Supplies


The U11 Cottage Country Building Supplies Local League team had a fantastic season. We were a team to be reckoned with all year long with an impressive 13-2-1 record.

Supported on our back end with superb goaltending from Mason Bishop and Gavin Suke allowed us to be competitive every game and the two shared defensive duties when not in the cage.

Solid defensive play in front of our goalies from the likes of Brody Alton, Beau Gilmour, Grayson Thomas and Olivia Emmerson, allowed the team to capitalize in the offensive zone.

Continuous effort up and down the wings with evolved positional play led to many scoring opportunities for the likes of Aliyah Cox, Jase Jones, and Kylie Simms.

The heavy lifting up the middle was shouldered by three interchangeable pivots in Everett Bjelis, Miller Brown, and James Hamilton.

Going into MPSL playoffs, we were confident it was our bracket to lose, but unfortunately came up short in the semifinals.

Overall, a tremendous developmental season filled with lots of fun and great memories. It was a very tight knit group, always supportive of each other on and off the ice; working together to bring everyone’s skill set forward as a team.

A special thank you to Rachel Smith for all of her hard work in managing our team.

All the parents and bench staff – of Stefan Bjelis, Chris Bishop, and Ryan Emmerson – are very proud of this group in all of their accomplishments this season. It was a pleasure coaching this great group of players.