Minden Hills council has approved $1.4 million to continue work on a proposed Scotch Line transfer station – to be built east of the existing landfill.

Manager of waste facilities, Chelsea Cosh, provided council with a comprehensive overview of design details at a special council meeting March 5.

Her ask was that council approve the design concept, include the $1.4 million in the 2024 capital budget, and allow her to continue moving the project forward.

She said the township already had an amended Environmental Compliance Approval. The lot has been cleared for the expansion area. The consulting services for the detailed design and construction are also complete.

Cosh reminded council staff were just looking for money for phase one of what could ultimately be a $5.5 million project. She said phase one essentially allows current operations to be moved to the new transfer station

“The new transfer station will be essential in managing the growing population in the township,” Cosh said, adding that with growth comes more traffic and demand on the site.

“Additionally, where the current site operations are positioned at the landfill is where future landfilling will need to take place. Ensuring operations are moved to the new transfer station area will prepare the township in advance to be able to start landfilling in the northwest portion of the site, where operations sit currently.”

Cosh added they’ve been told the existing site has about 11.5 years of life remaining.

As for design details, the waste facilities manager said the new configuration will ensure “optimal efficiency” for users and the township. “The intent of the design is to meet the current and future needs of the township and maintain adequate levels of service to Minden Hills residents.

“In light of the growing population and increasing waste generation quantities over time, the transfer station design will have the ability to expand for future needs and requirements. This operational flexibility will enable future expansions of the site with minimal impact to the existing operations.”

Scales will be installed, for accurate and consistent measurements for chargeable items. She said they can accommodate more waste diversion and add bins on long summer weekends, for example.

Next steps are finalizing and approving the design, presenting the drawings to council, and tendering for construction and contract administration. As for timelines, Cosh suggested the transfer station coming online in spring 2025. Minden Hills will spread the spend over two years and look to borrow the money as well as use reserves. Meanwhile, budget talks are continuing at the township.


• Concrete block retaining walls for 40-yard roll off bins and space for 11, 40-yard roll off bins (containers recycling, fibres recycling, cardboard recycling, and household garbage).

• Inbound and outbound scales and scalehouse.

• Reuse building.

• Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection area for propane cylinders, batteries (household and automotive), oil filters, empty plastic automotive containers, fluorescent bulbs/tubes.

• Electronics recycling.

• Service road for landfill staff and contractors.

• Mattress recycling, textile collection bins, lumber reuse area, shingles recycling.

• Construction and bulky waste collection.

• Tire, scrap metal, appliances, brush, leaf and yard waste collection.

• Open space to accommodate events (papershredding, HHW etc.).

• Hydro service.