Sandra Dupret has left Fleming College to become the new senior vice-president, students at Loyalist College.

Dupret started her new role Aug. 28.

She was with Fleming for 17 years, including 12 as dean of the Haliburton School of Art + Design. After that, she worked at all three campuses as a vicepresident of student services.

While maintaining a home in West Guilford on the weekends, Dupret said she is renting in Prince Edward County for work during the week.

“It’s a nice college and the people and community are great,” Dupret said.

She added she made the career shift as she felt it was time for a change.

“I’ve been at Fleming for a long time. Of course, I’ll always have a piece of my heart at the Haliburton campus but it was just time for a change, and it’s an exciting time for Loyalist.

“They have a new president that just started this past spring and he’s got some really great community-focused ideas for the college.

She added the work itself has not changed; other than the way it gets done post-COVID.

“It’s changed for sure but it’s not like I’m learning a new job from scratch.”

She concedes it’s bittersweet.

“The campus in Haliburton is an amazing campus. I know the college is truly invested in keeping the campus here, alive and vibrant. And they’re starting to build a residence, which is a sign of their commitment to continue to offer programming here.”

Dupret added HSAD is lucky to happy Xavier Massé as dean.

“He’s got great experience and is a great people person. He has a design background but is excited to work within the visual arts and craft field as well.”

She said she’ll miss all of the staff at the Haliburton campus, saying they are some of the best people she has ever worked with.

“They’re really invested. It’s not just a job. They really care and they’re members of our community. Those are the fondest memories. But also, the way the community has really invested in Fleming, having a college campus here, donating the land, putting the infrastructure in and now extending those donations so the college can now build a residence.”

Dupret added, “that example of true community and college partnership is something that I think I’ve learned a lot from.”

She looks forward to many more years of great activity and arts happening in the Highlands. She’s looking forward to taking some courses herself.

“I learned so much about how to be a leader that embraces not just your workplace, but the community that surrounds where you work. I’m really looking forward to bringing all that I’ve learned into my new role.”

Loyalist president, Mark Kirkpatrick, said in a communique, “with a passion for fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for all students, Sandra looks forward to working collaboratively across the college to support learners on their journey from application to graduation.”