“Our community NOSE how to support the Minden Rotary,” is a tag line popping up all around the town these days.

It’s in reference to the Minden Rotary celebrity clown’s initiative, an idea that started with Sally Moore, a Rotarian for more than six years.

“We have been working on the project since January and introduced some of our clowns at the Canada Day celebrations,” Moore said.

The Rotary Club in Minden is asking people to think about becoming a celebrity clown.

“Anyone can be a celebrity clown,” Moore said. “We have the costumes ready to go, summer and winter.” She added there is no fee but it’s hoped those interested would make a donation to the club.

The volunteers are dressed as clowns for community events. They mingle, take selfies with the public, and have a good time. “You get to infiltrate the fun, mix with the crowd and hand out red noses,” Moore said.

For more than 70 years, the Rotary Club has been raising money and putting it back into the community in various ways. President Dave Woodcroft said there are numerous things the club does.

“We built the community vegetable garden for the food bank; we sponsor a lot of youth programs, including sports. Wherever we see a need in the community, whenever we can help boost things up, that’s what we do.”

Moore said the club is made up of people of action.

“Whether it is financial or manpower help that is needed, we are ready to jump in.”

Every year, the club supports the food and heat banks and in past years has gotten behind putting washrooms in Rotary Park, purchasing equipment, and supporting recreational, hospital and nursing home facilities. An upcoming project is a shed for the community gardens and an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Rotary Fest Aug. 12

The clowns will next be out and about at Rotary Fest, Aug. 12, at the Minden fairgrounds.

Rotary Fest is a celebration of all thing’s community, according to Woodcroft.

“It is building community within the community. An event that shares everything people are doing; artisans and music, games, a car boot sale, and, of course, our BBQ featuring the famous Rotary peameal on a bun.”

Clowns will also be at road tolls on Labour Day weekend, the community Halloween event, and the Santa Claus parade.

If anyone wants to become part of the fun for Rotary Fest, or future events, make yourself known to a Rotarian, or call Moore at 705-286-4922.