Handmade quilt maker, Heather Poppe, is getting her studio ready for the 17th annual Haliburton County Tour De Forest, Aug 5-6.

Poppe hand stitches quilts, afghans, socks, pillows and more in her studio along Hwy. 118 east of Glamorgan Road.

She has been making quilts for more than 60 years.

“I started making quilts on the farm I grew up on in Wilberforce with my mother and grandmother” Poppe said.

She has been part of the Tour De Forest since 2006 and is looking forward to showcasing her work this coming weekend.

Poppe has spent the last three months working on a quilt with a blue heron in the center. She hand stitched each of the feathers and lily pads, which was “time consuming.” She has also spent many months working on several other pieces. One of her favorites is a quilt that showcases two bears and their cubs.

“It almost looks as if this quilt is a picture. I added the border onto it to give it that sort of look,” Poppe said..

For more information on Heather Poppe and the 17th annual Tour De Forest: haliburtontourdeforest.com.