Collaboration key to revitalizing downtown


Working to bring the main street back to life is what Amy Joanu, owner of Beauty Basics, wants for downtown Minden.

“It will take a collaborative effort by business owners and people, but that is what I am all about,” she said.

When she opened her doors on Bobcaygen Street in May, she had already set the wheels in motion by talking with, and listening to, people and business owners in downtown Minden.

“I would like to see Minden thrive, attracting people to the downtown to enjoy the ambience of what the town has to offer, is what I would like to see,” stated Joanu, “collaborating with other businesses in town to make that happen by creating events such as sidewalk sales, being open later, other special events and ways to bring people back into town.”

She hopes that businesses can get together and approach the township with different ideas and ways to spruce up the downtown core.

“We have a beautiful town, with the river right in the downtown area, there are so many things we could do to give it a bit of a facelift, if you will, to entice people of all ages to enjoy what is here.”

Joanu is in the business of beauty and wellness and firmly believes everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and that they matter. Providing services and products that people want in the community is what Joanu strives for.

The new location of Beauty Basics, on main street, has so much more space and Joanu and her team are exploring ways in which to use it.

“We have three other businesses that use our space at the moment, Wild Haven offers such things as reiki, among others, while CNR Lash comes in as well as a massage therapist. “These are only a few ways that we are using the space at the moment:” said Joanu. “Our doors are open as a hub for anyone who would like to use the space to provide wellness services.” Rural Beauty is also part of the hub offering cosmetic injectables, micro-needling, wellness injections and more.

“We want to provide a fun, vibrant place within our own walls, as well as outside in the downtown area. A safe space for everyone wherever you are in life.”

Joanu went on to say that collaboration is the key, as well as listening. “I listen to people’s ideas and I then I can pass the information on, a shared vision for Minden downtown. I believe in supporting the local businesses and doing things to bring downtown alive again.”