Haliburton’s Corner Gallery kicked off its season May 20 with something different, according to manager Pamela Brohm.

“We’ve got wonderful artists in the area. We all recognize and know that, and it tends to be what we see exhibited here,” Brohm said. She added that often means landscapes because of the majesty of the Highlands.

“But we felt that it was time that there was something different offered in town, especially if we’re trying to build Haliburton as an arts destination. So, if you want to attract people who collect and are truly immersed or involved in art, then you have to offer them some variety.”

She believes between Evergreen CSD Gallery of Fine Art Photography, Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre and the Ethel Curry Gallery, along with Corner Gallery, there are four varied locations for people to visit now.

Brohm researched artists for their seasonopening exhibition in the hopes of bringing three artists together that complement each other.

“I arrived with these three artists for the first show.” They include David McClyment, Carol Forbes and Alyssa King.

McClyment has been showing his drawings professionally for almost 40 years. Forbes is a painter. King is a contemporary mixed-media artist.

Walking through the gallery, Brohm stops at one of King’s works, and says “she’s doing this kind of punky stuff. She told me ‘I like to create art with a message, and I like art to be inspirational’.”

Brohm added, “we have a really interesting collection of art work here. The prices are very reasonable for the size and the talent and the inspiration they have. For people who are really interested in art, developing their collections, or spreading it into different areas, they really should come and see what we have.”

There are another five shows slated for the season, and Brohm said they are, again, quite different.

“Our next show does have two local artists, and it does tend to be landscape, but a little bit different. And my third artist is doing landscape of a sort but in a totally different way. After that, it’s more abstract, more impressionistic.”

The Corner Gallery will also feature Rob Croxford. “He’s a very well-known sign artist. He travels around and collects pictures of vintage signs and then paints the vintage signs with added messaging.

“I looked at his work and I thought ‘I’m going to contact him but he’s probably not going to come here’, but, yes, he is.”

Beyond the Tradition ends June 19; followed by Landscapes from a Woman’s Perspective (Susan Hay, Wendy Wood, Ashley Turner) June 21-July 13; 2 Part Harmony (Blady & Van Mil) July 14-Aug. 10; Wild Water II (Byron Hodges) Aug. 11-31; Haliburton Art Blast (Croxford, Vanya Ryan) Sept. 1-20; and Mother Nature: We Share the Earth (Carole Finn) Sept. 22-Oct. 16.

For more information, visit the cornergallery.ca.