Car sleepers raise $8K for P4P


Places for People (P4P) board president Jody Curry said they were “very pleased” with the turnout, and thankful for the weather, during the March 24-25 Sleeping in Cars event this year.

“We had about 28 people (most cars had more than one person in them) and about 15 others that dropped in and brought donations.”

She said two people arrived with hot pizza, some of which was eaten cold the next morning, causing one participant to comment ‘hey, this event was just like college’.”

Curry said she also heard from another first-time participant that it was an eye-opening experience “and not a comfortable one. She felt that many people should try it for greater understanding of others. One indicated it was interesting that we view it as roughing it for the night, when we had vehicles to sleep in out of the weather, cushy foam mattresses, warm sleeping bags, a heated washroom nearby, and food provided. She did not have to get up and get herself looking presentable for work the next day or get her cold kids off to school.”

Curry said it was a success as they created awareness, and, so far, have raised more than $8,300 for P4P.

Algonquin Highlands councillors Jennifer Dailloux and Sabrina Richards slept out, and Minden Hills councillor Shirley Johannessen and Dysart et al councillor Pat Casey dropped by, organizers said.

P4P is still accepting donations on the website if someone missed pledging. Go to