Minden Hills has a new firefighting weapon. The “initial attack mini pumper” truck is smaller and more agile than a traditional fire truck, still capable of hauling 750 liters of water.

“The smaller truck can access water sources that the bigger trucks could not get to, this truck will then be able to pump water to the trucks at the scene,” said fire chief Nelson Johnson in a Dec. 16 press release.

 In some cases, the department must snake a firehose up long driveways or other hardto-access areas. The small truck is capable of pumping water directly at the scene.

The department has been waiting for the pumper since 2019, when council approved $470,000 for the custom-manufactured vehicle, which cost $464,000.

“The addition of this new unit provides us with three fire trucks that can respond, the smaller unit gives us diversity, which we did not have before,” said the fire department.


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