Certified coach Heather Battié knows transformative changes in health and life require more than surface solutions.

“So often people know what to do, they know what to eat and not to eat, they know that exercise is good for them and that eating whole foods over fast foods is a better option, but the question is, why aren’t they doing it then? or why do they start and stop, never make any real progress with their weight and health goals?” asked Battié.

“I realize that food, diet and exercise are only a very small piece to the puzzle of achieving and maintaining your weight loss and health goals.”

Battié offers customized one-to-one programs and group cleanses to women around the world. She helps each client shine a light on any limiting beliefs so they no longer block the client from achieving the desired results, and make a plan “with realistic goals that they can achieve with ease.”

“Past clients have reported that they were able to ditch feelings of deprivation, shame, guilt, worry and the feeling of impossibility surrounding their health and weight goals [and that] their self-confidence grew as they hit milestones and achieved their goals.”


Born and raised in Charlottetown, PEI, Battié originally envisioned a school-teaching career. She took a year off after university and worked on private yachts in Florida, where she experienced yoga for the first time. Passionate about natural health and alternative healing since her late teens, she fell in love with yoga. It would set her life on a new course.

“I continued to attend classes wherever I was travelling and living, deepening my knowledge and love for how transformative it was for the body and the mind,” said Battié. She did get her education degree and began teaching, but quickly saw that fulltime teaching wasn’t the path for her.

Battié switched to supply teaching and became a certified yoga teacher in 2006. After moving to Haliburton in 2009, she and her husband Marc had two sons. Battié gave up teaching yoga when their second son was born, but eventually missed sharing her passion for health and wellness with others.

Her next step was to create programs to help people lose weight, increase their energy, strengthen their relationship with food and their bodies and rediscover themselves. Battié became a Certified Human Potential Coach through the Human Potential Institute and launched her coaching business in 2018, but she still wanted to provide her clients with greater support. She became a Certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute in 2020 and is set to graduate from the HCI’s Mastery Level Certification program this month.

“Having a coach is an amazing way to have the accountability to commit to your vision for health,” said Battié. She offers a complimentary Weight Loss Transformation Breakthrough Session that can help prove the point.

“As my clients develop the skill of managing their thoughts and tuning in to their bodies, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting become things of the past. I teach them essential skill sets for losing [weight] … and maintaining their desired weight so they can thrive in all areas of their life with vibrant, joyful energy.”

Heather Battié Coaching: heatherbattiecoaching.com, shaktiyoga16@gmail.com, 705-935-0006, @iamheatherbattie

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