Haliburton will soon see teens searching through businesses and snapping selfies during the Youth Wellness Hub’s first annual village-wide scavenger hunt.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, the hunt kicks off at noon at the Hub on Dysart Avenue, where participants pick up a scavenger hunt “passport.” At each clue hidden in shops and at landmarks around the downtown, teens will take a photo and have the chance to win prizes if they complete the hunt.

Youth Hub staff will be cruising downtown doling out drinks, snacks and encouragement.

“Different businesses got really excited and have interesting things the youth will have to find,” said event organizer Catherine Gaudette. To avoid spoiling the surprise, Gaudette didn’t give away which businesses were participating, but was encouraged by the support from local business owners who wanted to take part.

“Every single person I’ve talked to has been super excited and jumped on board without hesitation.”


Hub manager Mary Sisson said the event plays a role in connecting youth back into the community after a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

“COVID has left us all a little disconnected from our community and isolated in some ways,” Sisson said. “It’s just nice to have youth in the village connecting with business owners and people in the community that care about them as well, that want to participate and want to engage them.”

Pre-registering for the event will make sure the Hub has enough prizes, Gaudette said. She also mentioned that youth without a phone can borrow one in order to take selfies with clues, and rides into Haliburton are also available.

To learn more or register call the Hub at 705-457-2727 or text 705-306-5199.

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