Pending getting their Internet sorted, Minden cannabis products’ store, Northern High, is anxious to open its doors.

Dale Schumacher and Beverly Primrose have purchased the building at 101 Bobcaygeon Rd. which includes a storefront and three other units.

They are putting the finishing touches on the pot shop out front.

With connections to the City of Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Dunsford, the two said Minden feels like their back yard. “

I own several businesses and I just see an opportunity,” Schumacher said. “They (the federal government) legalized cannabis almost three years ago. I thought, what a better way to expand, being on the cusp of the legalization of marijuana, and we started applying for licenses last year. We ran into many roadblocks with the Ontario government but Beverly sifted through the mud and we’ve now got all the licenses we required.”

Primrose said she worked with the government writing programs for youth at risk with the law with addictions and mental health.

“It felt like a natural progression,” she said of partnering with Schumacher on the venture. “The main thing for us is we’d like to give a good kick to the black market as best as possible. Educate people because there is still the stigma attached to it.”

Schumacher added, “It’s (the legalization of cannabis) not going away so we thought with Beverly’s education, people are buying cannabis on the black market and don’t know what they are getting. Here, it’s pristine quality merchandise, all government regulated and labeled and in a sterile environment. We can help them with finding out what they want, what they don’t want, what their needs are and what their wants are.”

While there have been setbacks, such as waiting for internet, licensing, buying and renovating the building, the two remain optimistic.

Schumacher said four to five people poke their heads in the door daily to see if they are open and Primrose has given some sneak peeks.

“I love this town. I love this community. I want to get to them know better,” she said.

“I’d almost like to think that this could be the Cheers …you know, everyone knows your name … I’d like to be able to integrate myself more within the community and we’re really excited.”

The two said they have created a highend looking store that is still accessible to all. Primrose said her goal is a country café feel. They have sourced a lot of local products to fashion the interior and will also be employing four locals. They already have merchandise.

Primrose said, “I want people to feel they can come in and ask questions and it’s not a place I can’t walk into because they’re hoity toity.”

Schumacher said there will always be people who don’t support the legalization of cannabis. However, Primrose said Minden has been welcoming, “I’ve met so many beautiful people out there. I’ve just enjoyed it. It feels like I’m not coming to work, I’m coming home.”

“We’re just so excited,” added Schumacher. “For me, it’s not about the money anymore. It’s the challenge. You go back in time when prohibition ended and this is like taking us back to that.”

Northern High is at 101 Bobcaygeon Rd. 705-286-1200;;


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