Canoe FM has donated $15,000 raised through radio bingo to the Haliburton Highlands Arts Centre Foundation’s (HHACF) feasibility study July 22.

The study will focus on possible locations and zoning of a large theatre space, as well as what funding models might be available and how it might be used by the County.

“It’s really going to open up the arts community,” said Canoe FM chair Tim Hagarty.

“I think this is the next step that will allow us to get bigger and better.” Canoe FM has also entered into a sponsorship agreement with the foundation, providing radio announcements over the next 12 months to promote fundraising efforts.

The HHACF received letters of support from all four municipalities, and have identified four potential locations so far.


“There’s a tremendous amount of excitement,” said Canoe FM and HHACF board member Drew Allen. “We’ve already got groups that are here that need a proper professional space– a space that has the right amount of stage, the right amount of lighting.”

He estimates the arts centre would sit 350- 500 people and include two auditorium spaces. Currently, the County doesn’t have a space for large performances, or an indoor venue for concerts and productions which is licensed to serve alcohol.

Aside from gathering the support of local arts groups, Allen said foundation members have also been canvassing local lake associations.

“We think there’s going to be a huge groundswell of support.”

The HHACF will submit a request for proposals this fall, with the hopes of selecting a firm to begin work on the study in 2022.

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