The Frog Hollow Integrated Art Tour combines art, spirituality and the wonder of Haliburton County’s natural landscape.

On Friday, July 2, Tory Hill artist Biljana Banchotova hosted a grand opening of the art tour at her new Whirling Wisdom studio.

On the first weekend of the month from May to October, guests will be invited inside Banchotova’s studio space and forested property for a night of art experiences including live music, dancing, and art exhibitions.

“This is the nice thing about our tour – we’re a little innovative from the traditional viewing tours. We’re participatory,” Banchotova said.

Currently, The Frog Hollow tour will include Banchotova’s space and the nearby Earthdance Studio.


 Liz Feyerabrand, an artist whose work is filled with bright, flowing colours and natural designs, is the first guest artist, displaying her work in a tent on Banchotova’s property.

Banchotova said she hopes the tour will expand across Ontario to other artist spaces which celebrate the integration of an artistic lifestyle.

“It celebrates a new era for Frog Hollow,” Banchotova said.

At Friday’s events, guests toured the new vibrant red studio which features Banchotova’s murals on the walls; the floors painted with cosmic designs.

Darlene Dove and Shawn Arscott of Earthdance studio, co-founders of the Frog Hollow Art Tour, said they’re excited to welcome people into their studio space as well.

“Our idea is to show people how [they] can integrate art into their lives,” Dove said. Through the arts, she said she believes people can lead rich fulfilling lives, more attuned to their natural settings. Earthdance Studio is on a 45-acre property which Dove and Arscott have filled with paths and ponds that wind around mineral pathways.

On Friday, as the sun began to dip below the thick forest ringing Banchotova’s studio, the crowd listened to local musician Albert Saxby strum original songs on guitar, watched Joanna Lordess Camillery perform twirling aerial dances on outdoor gymnastic hoops and participated in a smudging, led by Karen Warner.

“Biljanna is a special talent – a lot of people don’t understand what it takes to create art,” Warner said as she drummed a song about collective power.

That act of creation, Banchotova said, is meant to be shared with others. That’s what the Frog Hollow Integrated Art tour seeks to do.

“It’s the way of coming together with the people – I feel that’s what’s most needed at this time, channeling this art,” Banchotova said.

While no artistic experience is necessary to attend the event, Dove said she hopes more artists hop on board to show art: whether at Banchotova’s studio, Earthdance’s wooded property or around Ontario.

“It’s a perfect opportunity for artists to gather together and show their work: it’s like a full range experience,” Dove said. Banchotova said the grand opening of her studio, and the beginning of the tour, is an invitation; come enjoy art, and see how experiencing it together can change lives.

“This is our call – that’s the idea. The call is being sent out,” she said.

For more information on upcoming Frog Hollow Integrated Art Tour events, or to register as a guest artist, visit

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