Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast owner Sally Moore said being secretive about her Her2+ Invasive Breast Cancer diagnosis played against her psyche.

Faced with chemotherapy, Moore said rumours and misinformation spread about her condition. So, she decided to be open, sending a mass email about her condition and the “humorous, cutting-edge, spirit-lifting extravaganza” fundraiser she wanted to host Sept. 3 to support the Minden Rotary Club.

“I’m enjoying having my fingers into the throws of a fundraiser and I think it should be a really fun event,” Moore said. “I decided I needed to turn this around. I figured just be upfront with the community, let the community know, become a voice maybe for people with breast cancer.”

Moore is planning a positivity-focused event to accomplish that. She is asking people to wear funny hats to give her inspiration for what to wear as she loses her hair. She has also developed a social-distancing friendly hug, encouraging people to instead cut a lock of their hair and let it blow away.

Moore said she has spent four decades as a community fundraiser, including organizing a Loonie Extravaganza at her business for the past 25 years, towards a variety of charities.


“It’s the fun of it. There really is an energy that comes from within for me towards the preparation of a fundraiser,” Moore said. “I want people to just be able to say hi and know I’m good.”

She said she will also match any donations. A Rotarian, she said she is a big believer in what Minden Rotary does and wanted to help them given the difficulties of fundraising in a pandemic.

“We want to do the best we possibly can for the community, and we can’t do it unless we have some resources to do with it,” Moore said.

Minden Rotary president Dave Bonham said the club is supportive of the event.

“We applaud her for both her initiative and her creativity in the planning for a truly unique undertaking,” Bonham said.

Before running her bed and breakfast, Moore worked as a camp director, a job she said has helped her with her fundraising.

“Instead of playing with children, young adults, I’m playing with adults,” Moore said. “I like having people around, the energy of it all.”

Moore said she survived breast cancer seven years ago, but this time the treatment will not be as easy. But she wants people to come away feeling positively after her fundraiser. 

“We can beat this,” Moore said. “I want to create an environment that’s open and people can ask how things are going and to give the positive stuff. I’m just silly, I’m a silly Sally and I think people know to expect that from me.”

The event takes place at Sunny Rock at 1144 Scotts Dam Rd, Minden Sept. 3 from 1 – 5 p.m., with donations accepted after that up until noon Sept. 7.

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