Haliburton’s sporting history and stars will be celebrated with the creation of the proposed Haliburton Sports Hall of Fame.

A management committee under the Haliburton County Community Co-Operative presented to Dysart et al council Dec. 16 in regards to their plans to build the hall inside the A.J. LaRue Arena to recognize the sporting achievements of people in the Haliburton Highlands. Council passed a resolution in support and directed staff to work with the group.

Mayor Andrea Roberts spoke positively about the idea.

“We have a huge history of people who have gone on to do amazing things on the national, international stage,” Roberts said. “It’s a great idea to promote not only the athletes but the people that are behind them.”

The committee has developed the concept over a number of years. The hall would include categories for individuals, builders and teams.


The group asked council for general support, an initial display area in the community centre upstairs at A.J. LaRue Arena and permission to work with staff to design the display.

“We’ve raised a substantial amount of money to carry us over but we need to do more fundraising and we’d also like some support from the community,” committee chair Scotty LaRue said.

The committee has already researched the County of Haliburton’s sporting history and plans to have its first induction ceremony next October.

“I’ve been sitting in on the meetings and I’ve just been amazed at the actual history we have here,” Deputy Mayor Patrick Kennedy said.

LaRue said the hall would include people from all of the County of Haliburton. To that end, the group wants to expand its presently all-male, Dysart et al-native board of directors to include more women and people from elsewhere in the county.

“We want this to be county-wide,” LaRue said, adding advertisement has not yet yielded any takers.

LaRue also spoke to the possibility of being embedded in a new community centre in Dysart et al whenever one comes.

“We’d like to get a permanent place,” LaRue said. “That’s where we’d like to have it.”

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