Kristy Hagerman, a 23-year-old singer/ songwriter based out of Toronto, is excited to play at Kawartha Dairy because she loves the small venue scene.

“I got really used to playing in smaller-sized venues,” she said. “For me to build up a fan base in Toronto … It was a lot easier to look for venues where people were already there as opposed to fighting my way into the bar scene.”

Hagerman will be coming to Minden’s Kawartha Dairy August 11 as part of her first cross-Ontario music tour.

She will be performing hits from her new album Right Now, which is a collection of iconic covers of 80’s songs such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as well as some newer covers and originals.

Hagerman is excited about the tour because it is another step forward in her music career.


She has been playing music for as long as she can remember and graduated from The Harris Institute with a diploma in audio engineering.

She said music is her full-time profession and although she has big dreams for it, her main goal is to always feel like herself and not lose sight of what’s important, connecting with people.

“Music has this ability to go right past someone’s mind and thoughts and preconceived ideas and just get them right in the heart,” said Hagerman. “I love music because it allows you to connect with people in a very genuine way, that’s why I am touring across Ontario and finding alternative venues because I really just want to connect with people.”

Her concert at Kawartha Dairy will feature not only her live music but a chance to buy a $20 package that includes a T-shirt, CD of her Right Now 80’s album and a pre-order of her 10-song album coming out later this year, called Right.

The performance in Minden will start at 2 p.m. More information on the cross-Ontario tour can be found on her website

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