Local gardening enthusiast Dianne Woodcock said there are many amazing gardening resources in Haliburton County, but they are hard to find.

She decided to track them all down and put them in one place: My Haliburton Highlands Gardening and Environmental Guide, or as she likes to call it, “The Halminac.”

“There’s a lot of resources out there but no one knows how to find them,” she said.

The guide will feature information and links to experts on subjects such as composting, organic gardening, flower gardening, native species and more.

It will be split up by season and talk about the geography of Haliburton County and how to grow in it.


Master gardeners and local environmental organizations jumped on the chance to be a part of the book, according to Woodcock.

“People get nervous because there is a lot going on in terms of geography in Haliburton and experts can help if you can find them,” she said. “I haven’t had anyone uninterested in helping the project.”

She hopes the guide will make people more inclined to give gardening a chance because the information they need is readily available to them.

Woodcock said she is hoping to have all of the information and links put together by the end of October so she can move onto the publishing phase of the book.

She is currently working on getting the community involved by asking people to send her stories and pictures of their gardening successes to be featured in the upcoming book.

Anyone interested in submitting can do so by email at mhhgeg@gmail.com.

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