Cardiff Elementary School’s Senior Kindergarteners and Grade 3’s donned their home made graduation caps, decorated with stickers and glitter, as they made their way into the community centre June 24.

The ceremony was full of excitement, singing and even a little dancing as the kids received their diplomas and special awards for all their hard work.

Elaine Fournier, principal of the school, said she was excited to give students recognition for categories such as academics, character, effort and athletics as well as hand the Grade 3’s their diplomas.

The Cardiff Elementary School graduates will move onto Grade 4 next year at Wilberforce Elementary School.

“It is a big step when they move because Grade 3 marks the end of our primary years,” she said. “When they come over to Wilberforce, they’re not the big kids at the school anymore where we’ve been telling them the kinders are looking up to them and they’re our leaders.”

Parents of the graduates commented on how grown up their little ones were and how they remember their first day of kindergarten at Cardiff like it was yesterday.

“I think there’s a shift for them and it’s almost like a new beginning where they start their own growth and development until they move onto the point where I get the pleasure of watching them graduate Grade 8,” said Fournier.


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