The newly rebranded Haliburton County Wellness Fair is returning with new management and a focus on the seven dimensions of wellness July 10.

The fourth annual event, previously known as the Haliburton Highlands Health and Wellness Expo, takes place at Head Lake Park.

The fair invites attendees to learn from an array of health and wellness practitioners, including the Abbey Retreat Centre, the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and K.O. Martial Arts.

Nancy Gosse took over running the fair last September. Gosse said she wants to help people understand what wellness means.

“Wellness is not one-dimensional, it’s multi-faceted,” Gosse said. “Wellness is not just about eating right, it’s not just about whether you go to yoga classes or go to the gym. There are many different aspects of wellness.”

To that end, the fair will feature an emphasis on the seven dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social and environmental.

Gosse said there is a broad enough scope of topics being offered to cover those dimensions. People will also be challenged to participate in activities relating to them.

“When you think about wellness as a whole picture, it can fit many different aspects in the community,” Gosse said.

Spectrum Healing Naturopathic’s Eileen Eng will be presenting about holistic medicine at the fair. She said it is a chance to help boost her profile in the community.

She added it is important to address the underlying root causes of illness symptoms and to take an approach to health that keeps in mind a person’s entire wellbeing.

“It is about becoming whole again. Mind and body and spirit,” Eng said. “The key thing is how do you raise the vital force so this person has the highest outcome of health?”

Gosse said she wanted to help the event carry on because of the platform it offers to community members.

“Having a platform like a wellness fair for them to come and reach the community is really helpful for people who may not have the resources at home to make those connections,” Gosse said. “Make in-roads in bringing wellness to the community.”

The fair is a good chance to experience something new and engage in new conversations, Gosse said.

“Being open enough and curious enough to come and check it out, I think people would be pleasantly surprised.”

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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