Glecoff’s Family Store kicks V&S brand

Haliburton’s former V&S Department Store is giving itself a makeover with a new name: Glecoff’s Family Store. 

The family announced the change June 19. The rebranding comes with new signage, logo and website.  

Manager Clay Glecoff said the V&S brand has changed a lot over the years and has become a barrier for them to access some suppliers.  

“We wanted a name that would shed the department store image and better reflect what we’re doing inside the store,” Glecoff said. “We felt there isn’t really an attachment to V&S by us, as well as our customers.”  

The goal is to make the shop more of a destination, Glecoff added.  The new name pays tribute to the Glecoff family. Owner Andy Glecoff, Clay’s father, purchased it in 1995.

He said the community support has enabled the business to last.  

“This store wouldn’t be here without the support of the citizens and the customers,” Glecoff said. “We got a lot of people rooting for us. And they need us, they want us to be here.” 

Dysart et al Coun. Nancy Wood-Roberts said she was thankful for the family’s dedication. 

 “I really appreciate the commitment you’ve made to our community and the many, many years of valued service,” she said, “It’s phenomenal.”  

The store was up for sale four years ago, with Andy Glecoff planning to close if no buyer came forward.

At the time, he cited stagnant revenues and challenges with competitors.  Clay Glecoff, who has worked at the store since it opened, said they worked to turn things around.  

“I didn’t feel I was ready to give up on it. Rolled up my sleeves, went to work,” he said. “My wife and I and the staff here worked our tails off to get this store turned around, get us headed in the right direction.”  

He added he is happy with the results of their effort.  “I’ve done a lot of growing as a person,” he said.

“You can see what your rewards are for the efforts you put in. It changes your attitude and your outlook and things are really positive around here now. A lot of hope and excitement for the future.”


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