By Lillie Qiu

Mary Douglas of Let’s Get Local wanted to put on a fashion show on the main street of Minden’s ‘downtown’ this summer.

It will be called ‘This is Us: Downtown Minden Fashion Show’. The idea started with Mostly Her, the bra boutique on Bobcaygeon Road, and quickly expanded to “include everybody”, Douglas said. The roster of businesses has expanded to include Stedman’s, Country Magic, Up River Trading Co, and the Wine Store.

“Hopefully all the other businesses will be involved as well, and put prizes on the prize wheel, and just have fun,” Douglas said. Her intent is to bring people to downtown Minden and see what the stores have to offer.

The first-ever fashion show will be taking place Saturday, June 22. The runway is going to be from Mostly Her to Country Magic and back, a distance of about 30 metres.

The inspiration behind the event was to give people another reason to come to the downtown, Douglas said.

Vanessa Douglas, Mary’s daughter and co-owner of Mostly Her, the boutique store, said Mostly Her will be having “a little bit of everything” in the show. We’re going to have some dresses, a little bit more on the lingerie side.”

In terms of exposure, Vanessa said the store is a year old and they want new people coming in.

Sue Quinto, the owner of Country Magic, said five of their staff are going to be modelling two outfits each. “We’re just kind of excited to do something, because we haven’t been able to do a lot down here, and Mary put it together and said, “do you guys want to participate?”

Mary added, “we’re hoping the owner of Stedman’s will come out and model and have some fun so people know who he is,” Douglas said of the event.