A special award was given at Haliburton’s Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUWHH) 15-year celebration June 6. 

 A one-time $1,000 scholarship was presented to Haliburton Highlands Secondary School student, Karley Wilson to celebrate not only the 15 years the club has been in Haliburton, but the 100 years it has been in Canada.  

“Our number one goal is to empower women and support education,” said Jane Adams, member of the CFUWHH scholarship committee. “So, we knew we wanted to have a special award or project for the 100th anniversary.” 

According to Adams, students had to write an essay on either of three topics for a chance to win the scholarship.

The topics were: a notable woman in Haliburton, a woman making a difference today or a woman that is moving women’s rights forward. 


 Wilson said she wrote about Dragons’ Den judge and entrepreneur Michele Romanow. She chose the dragon because of how she helps women and youth kick-start their careers.  

“She is kind of focused on the youth perspective and wants to help people better their life and keep moving forward,” she said.  

Wilson will be studying psychology and linguistics at Brock University next year in the hopes of becoming a speech therapist.  

The club also gave two awards to members in celebration of their 15-year anniversary in Haliburton.

The Sage Award was given to Heather Lindsay, the longest member of CFUW in the Haliburton chapter.  

Seven other women were recognized as charter members for being with the chapter since it opened 15 years ago. Those women are: Dawn Brohman, Cheryl Grigg, Ann Mahar, Dorothy Owens, Margaret Risk, Nel van der Grient and Stella Voison.

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