A giant cake, snow cones, ice cream and discounted local products are all in one place this week at Colourfest.

The fundraising event is run by the Haliburton Highlands Secondary School (HHSS) Grade. 11 leadership students, to raise money for Food for Kids.

“We realized it (money donated to Food for Kids) goes to such a great cause,” Said Trista Greer, a Grade. 11 students working on the fundraiser.

Food for Kids provides students at seven local public schools with healthy breakfasts/lunches and make nutritious meals accessible to approximately 1,240 students every day.

Greer said the organization is not currently funded by the municipal or county governments and costs more than $75,000 per year to run.

“We wanted to help that cost go down,” she said. “We wouldn’t be able to do this fundraiser without our community and our sponsors in it.”

According to Greer, Colourfest is selling bricks of cake to local businesses that will be added to “the biggest cake Haliburton County has ever seen.” The bricks will have each businesses logo on it to show off their dedication to the cause when the cake is revealed.

The events main partners are Patient News, Todd’s Independent and V&S. Each sponsor has helped put the fundraiser together and donated something to it.

Standard sized bricks of cake are given for a $10 donation while a mega brick (equivalent to the size of four standard piece) are for $25 donations. The cake will be revealed June 13 as a wrap up to the fundraiser.

There is also a new local product discounted to HHSS students each day of the week. Proceeds from these sales are also going to the charity.

While Colourfest is taking place from June 10 to June 13, the cake reveal will be happening on the last day of the fundraiser.

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