With a group 16-bicyclists strong, the Haliburton Real Easy Ryders Cycling Club kicked off from the West Guilford Community Centre April 30.  

The ride was the first of the season for the club, which has traveled along the many roads and trails in the county since 1998. The club rides together every Tuesday and Friday from May until October.  

Recent retiree Russ Duhaime joined the club just before its first ride this year and said it is cool to travel with a group of people who share his passion for the sport.  

“I love the way it de-stresses me,” Duhaime said of cycling. “Whatever problems you have in the world, they go away 20 minutes into a bike ride. People talk about meditation and mindfulness and that all comes naturally through biking.”  

President Robin Bell said the club’s membership is very strong. With more than 70 people registered, the club expects to expand to more than 100 people come the summer.  


The club welcomes all adults but its average age is in the mid-60s, Bell said. He added cycling is a good way for seniors to keep active.  

“It does exercise the big muscles for the legs, it exercises the lungs, the heart. You can go at your own speed,” Bell said.  

But the club is more than about riding bikes. Bell said it is a social experience, with members stopping at the same places to talk, eat and enjoy good company.  

Carolyn Langdon said there are always people you can find to go at your speed.  

“You make friends in the club,” she said. “You can either go for endurance, you can go for speed or you can just choose any type of group that you like within the spectrum.”  

“Some people just go on their bike and go hell-bent,” rider Joan Stoner said. “Some of us just wander around and look at the scenery and love it. It’s a camaraderie.”  

With the season getting started, Langdon said she is glad to hit the trails on her bike again. 

 “The icy snow is off the roads,” she said. “After a long winter, it’s really great to get out.” 

 Information on joining the club is available at haliburtonrealeasyryders.com

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