The Bob Lake Association (BLA) came to the April 25 Minden Hills council meeting asking politicians to reopen the discussion about a possible public boat launch on the lake.  

Dave Roberts and Laurent Joncas made a presentation.  

They said the BLA have located what they think is a suitable site although there are complications.  

Their proposed site is on the northeast corner of the same dam property that the historical launch was on. It was closed because the private owner was worried about liability.  

Roberts and Joncas said an estimated five acres would have to be severed from a 54-acre property for a launch.


Access would be from Bob Lake Road, to Loggers Crossing Lane, then it would require 900- feet of newly-constructed road.  

They said the landowner was initially amenable to their plans but has now backed off and they’ve had no contact. They asked if the township would consider expropriating the land.

They further provided a cost estimate of all the work required to re-establish a lunch at just under $150K, including a $24K contingency. 

They’re proposing the money come from municipal tax dollars, a shoreline road allowance reserve account and a special tax levy.  

They also called on council to establish a joint task force to move the portfolio forward.  

Mayor Brent Devolin said the issue has been “complex” and the BLA had given council “lots to digest.”

He said there would be a follow-up report from staff.  Coun. Bob Carter suggested the association buy the land and own the boat launch, but the BLA said that isn’t what they want to do, nor is the land for sale. 

 It was suggested the township talk to the landowner.  

Coun. Pam Sayne wanted a task force struck to immediately deal with the issue, saying the lack of a public boat launch at the site had been going on for too long and she felt council was partially responsible for the issue. Devolin responded that he disagreed with Sayne about responsibility.

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