Algonquin Highlands has launched a new online survey asking residents for their thoughts on a potential new sign bylaw.

Council has considered creating legislation regulating signage on municipally-owned property, including road allowances and other public spaces, within the township. The survey is available through the municipality’s ‘Let’s Connect’ portal at

Mayor Liz Danielsen raised the issue in November 2023, saying she had received numerous complaints about the increasing number of temporary signs being placed throughout the community. She said Algonquin Highlands was one of the few municipalities in Ontario without a sign bylaw.

Chad Ingram, the township’s communications coordinator, said council is looking for feedback from the community whether they feel a bylaw is necessary and what they’d like to see included.

There are 10 multiple choice questions for people to answer – do they believe there is a problem with signage; would they like to see more regulation; and whether a $150 fine for offenders is considered reasonable.

Other questions focus on the type of signage and whether they should be allowed – commercial signs in front of an associated business, for garage and yard sales, promoting real estate open houses, or community events such as festivals and exhibitions, and materials from charitable organizations.

There’s also space for people to provide written thoughts. Ingram said the survey will be available until July 31.

Any bylaw would not apply to signage located on provincial highways, County of Haliburton property, or private roads, Ingram confirmed.

He noted the township’s first course of action through any bylaw would be to educate people about the new rules – further enforcement and fines would only come into effect, “after discussions with residents have proven unproductive.”