U18 Tom Prentice and Sons Rep


The U18 Tom Prentice and Sons Rep team 2023-2024 season was a journey marked by growth, determination, and unforgettable moments.

From the beginning, the team showcased their commitment to improvement, on and off the ice.

The team launched the season with a promising start, tallying a record of 5-1-1. However, they soon faced adversity, grappling with injuries and enduring over a month without a win.

This stretch tested their resilience and determination, but despite the setbacks, they emerged stronger and more connected as a team. They went on to finish the remainder of their regular season 5-3-1, propelling them into the playoffs with renewed confidence.

After securing their spot in the semi-finals of the Victoria Durham League playoffs, they defeated Millbrook 2-1, setting the stage for a three-game series against Orono.

The Storm took the series 2-1, earning them the title of Victoria Durham tier 2 champions and advancing to the OMHA championships. The highlight of the season unfolded during an unforgettable weekend as they secured the U18 tier 2 OMHA championship in Halton Hills.

The team showcased unwavering determination and teamwork, leaving an enduring impression on everyone involved.

Special thanks to Amber-Lee Johnston, Jamie Johnston, Tony Prentice and Scott Coles for their help and support.