Loss of 12-Mile launch concerns boaters


An estimated 1,000 properties on Boshkung, Little Boshkung and Twelve Mile lakes could be affected if the new owners of Wedgewood Marina get out of the marina and boat launch business, Boshkung Lake Property Owners Association (BLPOA) president Tom Steele says.

RPM Marinas general manager Cheryl Downs recently shared the news on social media that Wedgewood RPM had been sold and “the new owners will not be operating the property as a marina. The transition will take place early this summer.”

The property, on Hwy. 35 between Carnarvon and Minden Hills, was put up for sale in January.

In the Facebook post, Downs said those who use Wedgewood for boat storage would soon receive their annual correspondence from manager, Kerry Reid, outlining the out-of-storage process for boat retrieval. As per usual, they’ll need to request their out-date, providing three weeks’ notice, she added.

Downs said, “we want to assure our customers and partners that we are committed to providing the service you’ve come to expect and that it is business as usual.”

The Balsam location is also up for sale, but the Haliburton and Kennisis Lake locations are not for sale and Down said they will continue to offer their services from those locations.

‘Hwy. 118 launch too shallow’

Steele told association members and The Highlander, “we are extremely concerned, as is Twelve Mile Lake and Little Boshkung (TMLB), that the ramp at the foot of Twelve Mile is to be removed as part of the sale.”

The Highlander did not get independent confirmation of this removal. However, Steele said the tentative date is May 22.

“The property will no longer be operated as a marina and now we are all concerned. How do we get our boats out in the fall? For some people, it is also, where do I get service, fuel and store my boat? And for kids, where do I get my ice cream and snacks?

Steele said a group of people from all three lakes met April 8 and are working with Algonquin Highlands mayor Liz Danielsen and Minden Hills mayor Bob Carter.

Steele and Carter said Algonquin Highlands operates a boat launch at 8748 Hwy. 118 into Little Boshkung Lake. However, Carter said he believes the only challenge is the close proximity to the highway. Steele said the issue for them is the water is shallow at the launch and may not accommodate larger boats.

Steele said, “the ramp is the responsibility of Algonquin Highlands. And the issue is simple – not enough water depth to take the majority of the boats out in the fall at the current Hwy. 118 location.”

Danielsen said Algonquin Highlands had only just found out about the issue and were investigating.

“But there are some challenges because we would need to have a survey done and it doesn’t fit into this year’s work schedule or budget,” she said.

“Obviously, there’s going to have to be some more discussion. And it is my hope that through co-operative efforts, we can convince the buyers to leave the launch there, at least until the end of the season, and give us some time to plan something for our boat launch.”

Steele told members, “we just wanted to give you a heads-up that it is something that will affect over 1,000 properties on the three lakes. It will affect resorts, restaurants and other Haliburton activities.”